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Healthy Diet – Healthy Skin

by Smart Social Media Collaborator on Dec 15, 2018

healthy diet

Our diet is a big factor in having a healthy skin. The food we eat may not be as healthy as we thought it is. If we chose the foods that are not healthy, problems on our skin and the rest of our body system will begin to appear and manifest. To make it worse the signs of aging will go on fast track. An anti-aging diet is our seatbelt from ageing. This will also be the partner of skin care products in slowing the process of aging or even rejuvenating the youthful skin.


Skin care products cannot do the job in fighting the elements of aging alone. That is why a healthy diet is needed. There are plenty of foods that we eat which is a big factor in slowing the aging process, and yet we do not know this. There are also foods that would help in rejuvenating our skin cells and body cells for us to maintain a healthy skin. These foods are high in vitamins with its ingredients that could slow down the aging process and at the same time, it makes us young as we want to be.


Here are some foods that are very healthy for our skin:

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Berries – All black and blue and even grapes have the element of phytochemicals, which is a powerful antioxidant. This would protect our skin from damage caused by free radicals. This helps and maintains the firmness of the skin and slows down the aging of the skin.


Green Leafy Vegetables – Vegetables such as carrots are high on beta-carotene that will keep the skin healthy and fights against aging. Also, most vegetables are high in vitamins that are great contributors to slowing down the aging process. Among the vegetables that are good for anti-aging are spinach, yellow pepper, and tomatoes.


Avocado – This is usually eaten as a vegetable, but this is a fruit. Avocado is a very good source for vitamin E which will help in maintaining the health of the skin as it moisturizes and helps fight skin ageing.


Omega 3 rich fish meat – having a healthy diet will not prevent one from eating meat. Eating meat is still the ones’ choice, but in order to have healthy skin; one must choose the right kind of meat. Fish meat is very rich in omega 3. This is a very good anti-oxidant and an agent in keeping the skin healthy and moisturized.


There are some of the foods that may be vital to the anti-aging diet. However, the most important part of the diet is drinking plenty of water. Drinking plenty of fluids will help one’s body flush out oxidants and unwanted waste from the system. It is advised to drink 8 glasses of water a day but drinking more will be much better and never rely on thirst. Drink water often and one can even have fruit drinks or vegetable drinks to make it healthier for the body and skin.