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Myth: Water is a Good Moisturiser

by Smart Social Media Collaborator on Jul 25, 2019

Myth: Water is a Good Moisturiser

Although the addition of water to a beauty or skincare product might seem naturally hydrating, water can actually be extremely drying for the skin. ⠀

When left on the skin on its own, it evaporates and leaves the skin extremely dry. It can remove the hydrators in your skin. ⠀

Moisture is the key to maintaining smooth, healthy and radiant skin. While drinking water helps our cells stay hydrated from within, when applied to the skin externally, water doesn’t have the same hydrating effect.⠀

When water is used in skincare products, it only dilutes other key ingredients and fails to add any nourishment to the skin.⠀

It seems water-less beauty is set to be the new leader in environmentally-friendly skincare.⠀

In order to offer more value to its customers by not watering down its products, SoSimple Skincare trades this liquid ingredient for other botanical extracts. ⠀
There is liquid in SoSimple products that comes from the botanicals, hydrosols and extracts, which helps to make sure the product can deliver the other active ingredients throughout the skin.⠀

Just 6 drops, and 1 minute a day for a glowing skin.⠀⠀

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